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The Best Summer Picks Among the Tory Burch Sample Sale's Fall Offerings

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Update: As of Wednesday morning, all sale prices have been reduced; see the new prices above. Prices have also been updated in the gallery and in our original report below.

We headed to the Tory Burch sample sale in the Garment District street this morning just before the doors opened to see what was left after yesterday's opening day. Unfortunately, prices are high, just like at last year's sale. The majority of the floor caters to fall styles like sweaters, blazers, and heavy knit skirts. Pants were hardly visible, save for a pair of raw-hemmed jeans.

Apparel is organized by size, starting with with 0/XS in the front. The floor seems overwhelming at first glance, but once we started navigating the racks we noticed there isn't a large selection of styles — just a good heap of sizes.

Most of the two dozen or so shoppers who entered right at 11am went straight for the shoes, and most were swiftly disappointed — many styles are already sold out from opening day. They also went for dresses, which are $150 $125 for casual styles.

As for bags and small leather goods, you won't come out of this sale without dropping at least Benjamin on them: Wallets are $120, and handbags begin at $240 and go as high as $450. [Update: These prices have since been reduced]

The sidewalk was lined with at least 50 people as we exited at 11:15 a.m., so expect a bit of a wait if you plan on swinging by today. Flip through the gallery above to see the summer pieces to add to your wardrobe right now (plus a few heavier items that you can hold for the fall), and check out the Dealfeed below to see when you can stop by.