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Birkins, Louis Vuitton, Rolexes: Inside Summer's Swankiest Sample Sale

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The LXR & Co. sample sale promised to be a carnival for the one percent, and boy, does it deliver: We stopped by annex of fanciness C21 Edition this morning to take a peek for ourselves, and found a few surprises: First, there's more here than just half-off Birkins (though there are a few of those, ranging around $12,500 to $13,500), including vintage Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Gucci, MCM, Versace, YSL, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs. Secondly, and better yet, a decent chunk of handbags ring in at under $200.

Pricing here is (relatively) simple: Take 50% off the lowest price—that's how much LXR & Co. would normally sell the bag—and use the highest price as a reference for how much you're saving—that's what the bag would have retailed for when it was new.

Among the shelves, you'll find super-recognizable styles, from the rows of Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags, most of which are around $300, Ferragamo top-handles for $337, Versace handbags for $397.50, Tory Burch clutches for about $200, and small monogrammed Gucci bags for $122.50. Also on the sale's less-expensive end: a metallic Marc Jacobs crossbody for just $112.50, and a cute pink Furla tote for just $47.50.

Scroll through the gallery to see what else is up for grabs, as well as how much you'll be saving—in many cases, the discounts creep past 75%! You've got until Wednesday to shop the sale, but staff tells us it (likely) won't be extended, and there are no markdowns in sight, so your best bet is to head over early. See the Dealfeed below for hours and location.