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Pop-Up Shops

Future Is the Latest Artist With a Tour Merch Pop-Up

Look out for exclusive items, a VIP lounge, and an art gallery in Soho next month.

This Austin-Based Company Will Customize Your Madewell Denim

See how it’s done.

Eileen Fisher’s Brooklyn Pop-Up Is the Most Environmentally Friendly

Everything — and we mean everything — is made of "upcycled" material.

And the Next Band With a Tour Merch Pop-Up Is...

Shop it at John Varvatos this weekend.

Opening Ceremony Set Up a Shoppable Boxing Ring at the Brooklyn Museum

Check out its Olympics-inspired collection.

A Nike x Kith Pop-Up Shop Is Opening Next Month

Alert the crew.

If You Like Reformation, You'll Love This Nolita Pop-Up

Shop now before it's gone.

The Local Brand to Discover at This Soho Pop-Up

Check out Cienne IRL.

The Pop-Up Shop Stocked With Beyoncé-Approved Leather Harnesses

Zana Bayne has arrived in Nolita.

Clare Vivier's Bringing an LA Friend to Party in NYC

Handbags, jewelry, wine, and friends — what more could you ask for?

Where to Drink and Shop Tonight

Eleven Six and Harare are teaming up for a shopping event.

Shop Fivestory’s Fourth of July Pop-Up This Week

Red, white, and blue for your closet, courtesy of Staud.

Get a Tarot Card Reading at Baja East’s Pop-Up Shop

It’s open through Thursday.

The Australian Swim Brand You Need to Know, and Where to Find It In NYC

Meet Matteau Swim.

A Pop-Up Shop With Sporty, Stylish Swimwear Is Opening Downtown

Beth Richards has landed in NYC.

Craft With Etsy All Over Dumbo Today

DIY events galore

Everything Will Be on Sale at Ace & Jig’s First Pop-Up

Check it out at the opening party on Thursday.

A Pop-Up Dedicated to Pins Opens on Sunday

Get ready to add a little flair.

Get Your Sneakers Professionally Cleaned Next Week

Get those whites squeaky clean.

We Live in a World With a "Choker Bar" Now

Bonus: It's poolside.

NYC's Tour Merch Pop-Ups, By the Numbers

Is Kanye West reviving pop-up shops?

This Store Will Outfit Your Summer Uniform

Find locally-made tees and button-downs that go with everything in Williamsburg this month.

Where Does Bloomingdale's Expect Us to Store Inflatable Pool Toys?

In our private pool?

The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour Has Its Own Pop-Up Shop

Bad Boy ain't going nowhere.

Shop Samantha Pleet's Summer Collection This Week at In Support Of

Shop on Thursday for special discounts and drinks.

Everlane’s Summer Shoes Have Arrived in Soho

Try 'em on IRL instead of buying online.

Praise Yeezus, There's a Kanye West a Pop-Up Shop in Soho This Weekend

This is not a drill.

Glossier's Instagrammable Showroom Is Open to the Public for Phase 2

It's the only place you can try out the new makeup before buying it.

The Latest Pop-Up Shops in NYC: Not Just A Label, HVRMINN, and More

The temporary retail to know about this week.

The Zola Townhouse Makes Registering for Wedding Gifts Fun

Ring and spouse sold separately.

You're Going to Want to Live Inside This Kate Spade Pop-Up Shop

Go on, #MakeYourselfAHome

A Vagina-Themed Pop-Up Shop Will Accompany 'The Vagina Monologues' Performance

Period underwear and pube dye, what more could you need?