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Paintbox, The Nail Studio Without a Polish Wall

Owner Eleanor Langston on how her manicure-only salon came to be.

What We Pay For With ‘Ethical’ Manicures

Is $30 really such a crazy price?

New York Nail Salons Are About to Become Safer for Workers

Governor Cuomo continues cracking down.

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The Best Stores and Salons for Wigs

From the short and naturally-hued to the flowing and pastel.

A Quick Guide to Harlem Beauty

Three salons and spas to know about.

There’s a Huge Korean Beauty Convention Happening This Weekend

Calling all K-beauty buffs.

You Can Get Balmain Hair Extentions at this New Salon in Queens

It's the salon the borough desperately needed.

Wedding Nails Beyond French Manicures

Go on, be different.

What I Learned at My First Natural Hair Meetup

My hair journey has been filled with surprises and disappointments, but most importantly, discovery.

Heyday Is Expanding Downtown, Both Temporarily and Permanently

The facial shop is popping up inside Tenoverten before establishing a new location.

Chaz Dean Is Opening a New York City Salon

The LA-based hair stylist wants to introduce you to his hair care line that you probably already know about.

You Can Book Your Fancy April Spa Week Treatments Now

$50 treatments are just a click away.

Rachel Zoe Wraps DreamDry, Spruce & Bond, and Pucker Into One (Beautiful) Company

Talk about a trifecta.

The Local Indie Beauty Brands Cashing In on the Hippie Movement

The West Coast's obsession with earthy, natural products has migrated to New York City.

The New York City Beauty Pros That Fashion Insiders Trust

The nail technicians, hair stylists, and eyebrow wizards they pay to see in a world full of freebies

Drybar's 'Pretty Little Liars' Promo Is Completely Booked

It only took a few hours.

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Halloween Makeup Tutorials You Can Use With So Many Costumes

From zombies and vampires to Miley and Bowie.

21 Crazy Halloween Makeup Looks to Steal from Comic Con

And how to recreate them.

Hair Extensions Salon RPZL Adds Treatment Services

Think your hair is too damaged for extensions? There's a treatment for that.

John Barrett Bowing Out of Bergdorf Goodman In Favor of Saks, Standalone Salons

We'll be getting a lot more luxury salons in the next few years.

Spa Week Bookings for October Are Already Available

Start planning your post-summer, post-NYFW hangover treatments now.

Are You Exercising Your Face Enough? Is a Question We Are Asking

For a certain segment of New Yorkers, it's mandatory.

Spruce & Bond Is Planting a Browlab Station Within Dreamdry

Take care of all the hair above your eyes in one place.

The Drybar of Beauty Salons Brings Convenient (and Cheaper) Makeovers to NYC

A sneak peek at Blushington's first NYC salon.

Nail Salon Industry Reforms Are Working, Mostly

There's been improvements—and setbacks—over the past two months.

NYC Is Experiencing a Summer Beauty Boom, And We're Not Mad About It

Your guide to this summer's new beauty bars, makeup studios, and salons.

Fancy Italian Haircare Brand Davines To Open Eco-Friendly Salon

Ion Studio in Soho is about get even fancier.

Drybar Will Invade Your Home to Give You Perfect Hair

How much would you pay for the on-demand service?

The Bill That Could Finally Give Unlicensed Nail Salon Workers Job Security

State lawmakers could vote on a measure that provides a fair and paid path to licensure this week.

Where to Get Mile-Long Eyelash Extensions in NYC

Cap Beauty Now Has a 'Skin Whisperer'

Well, technically she's a "therapies manager," but you get the idea.

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New York's 12 Best Salons for Bikini Waxes

If it's gotta get done, then make sure it's done right.