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Amarcord Vintage Fashion Is Full of Gucci-Inspired Pieces Right Now

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Navigating runway doppelgängers in New York's dense thrift store scene is no easy feat, but the new and improved Amarcord Vintage Fashion in Williamsburg is here to make it really easy to find the pieces that look like they are straight off last season's catwalks, whether you're a pro shifting through vintage racks or a total newbie.

Right now, the focus revolves around fashion's golden boy, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. "His spring 2016 was a key collection for us," owner Marco Liotta told Racked about keeping its clothing "current," in relative terms, so that means there are tons of graphic floral Gucci-esque dresses to choose from right now.

Presenting the merchandise this way, connected to what shoppers may have seen on designer runways or magazines, is really resonating with customers, Liotta said. When he and Patti Bordoni closed their Soho store in April due to rising rents, they used it as an opportunity to shift the focus to their Williamsburg store, especially in the presentation.

"The new people that are coming in, they're from uptown and they have the money to buy the [new] garment but they wanted to buy vintage," Liotta said. "They didn't move here to destroy what was in this neighborhood. They want to be part of it, but they don't know how to put together the pieces. They love to find a way to integrate, and we're here to help."

With tons of Gucci looks, apparently, inspired or otherwise.

Amarcord Vintage Fashion is open daily from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m at 223 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.