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New York’s Fashion Forecast for July 6th, 2016

Welcome to Fashion Forecast, where you can find out what New York City’s weather will be like today — and most importantly, how to dress for it.

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Good morning! Today is Wednesday, July 6th, 2016. According to, the temperature is 79 degrees in Midtown Manhattan, but it really feels like 82 thanks to that sweat-inducing 67% humidity. Temps are expected to hit 90 today (but feel like 94), peaking around 2pm. There’s also a heat advisory in effect, so stay hydrated.

How do you dress for a day like today? Cool, calm, and collected with these white linen shorts, currently on sale for $112 at In God We Trust:

A model from the waist down wearing white shorts to the knee and white sandals.

Pair them with an light-colored off-the-shoulder top, slides, and lightweight summer jewelry for simple sophistication that doesn’t require too many layers.

Now go forth and Wednesday.

A GIF of actress Jennifer Lawrence fist-pumping while doing a red carpet interview. Photo: Giphy