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On-Sale Buys to Make Summer Dressing Easier

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Looking a little bit sweaty is actually (and luckily) on trend this summer, thanks to lacquered lips and That Wet Look. But the source of that look should come from a makeup bag, not from a suffocating outfit. And the keys to comfortable summer dressing come down to two things: fabric and cut.

When it comes to material, opt for pieces made from natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen that won't cling to you like polyester and nylon. Secondly, styles that move away from the body — think oversized jumpsuits and midi-skirts — welcome in scarce breezes to cool off throughout the day. Finish your look with slip-in sandals, and you're all set to navigate the city's humid sidewalks and subways.

There's plenty of styles meeting these criteria available at end-of-season sales across the city right now, including both department stores and indie boutiques; scroll through the gallery above to see what to buy where right now.