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Where to Shop and Eat on the Same Street

Prada store in Soho with hot dog stand Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images

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Have you ever been hunting for the perfect pair of clogs and suddenly had a craving for falafel? Or been browsing through racks of graphic tees and had a hankering for charcuterie? (Call it subliminal marketing — thanks, Junk Food.) New York City is filled with places to shop and places to eat, and these places are often conveniently close to one another — sometimes even right next door.

Below are a list of some favorite shopping-and-snacking combos to get you started, so you’ll never have to worry the next time you’re out browsing and need a burrito stat.

Double Agent USA pop-up shop + Cafe Duke: Get a pair of boyfriend jeans and wash it down with bibimbap. 543 Broadway and 545 Broadway, Soho

#MagnoliaMondays! No better way to start your week than with a large banana pudding...

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Bookmarc + Magnolia Bakery: Pick up a coffee table book and then get some Insta-famous banana pudding. 400 Bleecker St and 401 Bleecker Street, West Village

Mr. Throwback + Zucker Bakery: Get some authentic 90s gear and then get some party balls. (You know you’re intrigued.) 428 E 9th St and 433 E 9th St, East Village

Flying Solo Collective + Rubirosa: Snag a pair of avant-garde glasses and then snag a pair of delicious pizzas. 224 Mulberry St and 235 Mulberry St, Nolita

Cloak & Dagger + Davey’s Ice Cream: Get a denim jumpsuit and then celebrate with a homemade sundae. 334 E 9th St and 137 First Ave, East Village

Pinkyotto + Mac Bar: Get a classy cocktail party dress and then a classy bowl of cheeseburger mac & cheese. 49 Prince St and and 54 Prince St, Nolita

#twoshot #newproduct

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American Two Shot + Hampton Chutney: Get an edgy bodysuit and then get some fresh chutney. 135 Grand St and 143 Grand St, Soho

Pas de Deux + Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery: Indulge first in some Common Projects sneakers and then some gluten-free cookie dough balls. 328 E 11th St and 338 E 11th St, East Village

The Reformation + Smile To Go: Get a trendy low-back dress and then get a trendy salad. 23 Howard St and 22 Howard St, Soho