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New York’s Fashion Forecast for Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

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Good morning! Today is Tuesday, July 26th, and if you could make it through yesterday’s mid-afternoon thunderstorms, then you can make it through anything. says that it’s in the mid-70s in Midtown Manhattan right now — a marked improvement from days past. But the humidity levels are still up there as of now, and we’re looking at another afternoon with highs in the low 90s.

The upside? There’s zero chance of rain today. The downside? Those breezes will still feel like a broken air conditioner.

Panorama NYC Photo: Jane Kratochvil for Racked

So what should you wear today? Solids on top and prints on on the bottom, like this look we spotted at Panorama this weekend. If you’re headed to the office, skip the midriff-baring crops in favor of a bodysuit, and pair the whole thing with the sandals you saved from drowning in puzzles yesterday. Lastly, braids are an easy way to fight frizz and keep the hair off your neck at the same time.

Day 103 (or something) of the heat wave: You can do this, right?