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New York’s Fashion Forecast for Friday, July 22nd, 2016

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Good morning! Today is Friday, July 22nd, 2016, and if you haven’t heard already, the next few days are going to be hot — there aren’t enough fire emoji to describe it. New York City is under what’s known as a heat dome, and to totally bypass all the scientific stuff about it, a heat dome basically means a sustained period of hot stickiness with little relief.


That means that right now in Midtown Manhattan, temperatures are already into the high 70s and will creep up to the mid- to high 90s by early afternoon, with humidity remaining strong enough to push the real-feel close to 100 degrees, according to There’s a chance of thunderstorms later on in the day, so pack an umbrella to avoid getting stuck under scaffolding for shelter until it passes.

So what should you wear today? A mini-dress, naturally — super cute, super comfortable, and most importantly, super cool. Take inspiration from Coachella and throw on a patterned style for one-and-done dressing. If you’re going all the way with festival vibes (today’s the kickoff for Panorama, after all), throw a few braids in there for good measure.

Last but not least: Happy Friday! Dance like no one’s watching, but only in an air-conditioned room.

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