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New York’s Fashion Forecast for Thursday, July 21st, 2016

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Good morning! Today is Thursday, July 21st, and those mild summer days that motivated you to go for a second coffee break earlier this week just to get outside might be slipping away. Case in point: Though it’s a pleasant 74 degrees in Midtown Manhattan right now (so says, high temperatures are expected to reach 90 by early afternoon.

But while the degrees are rising, at least the humidity’s not. And with zero chance of rain and just some light breezes in the forecast, there’s a lot more room to play around with outfit choices.

A woman in a black top, gray skirt, and jacket standing in front of a blue car. Photo: Melodie Jeng for Racked

So what should you wear today? Black and gray — a traditional office’s favorite colors — but with a fashionable spin, like this Fashion Week Australia attendee. The lines on this high-waisted skirt are a simple detail with a big impact: They make the wearer look taller. The galactic jacket is perfect for warding off drafty air conditioning, and the pattern is so eye-catching that you don’t need to do anything beyond throw on dainty jewelry and rein in just-got-out-of-bed hair.

And if you really want to take it all the way with this twist on office style, add a pair of glasses. Here, let Beyoncé demonstrate:

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