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New York’s Fashion Forecast for Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

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Good morning! Today is Wednesday, July 20th, and it’s taking no time to get used to these mild temperatures after the past few days. says it’s in the low 70s in Midtown Manhattan right now, and the temperature is expected to climb ten or so degrees by mid afternoon. Rain and wind don’t appear to be looming today, so you can leave your umbrellas and hair ties at home.

A woman in a blue and yellow dress, jean jacket, and white high-top Converse sneakers. Photo: Yesi Flores for Racked

So what should you wear today? Something that takes advantage of the fact that you’re not dealing with extreme heat or humidity. This look spotted at Miami’s Art Basel last winter does that perfectly, balancing a midi-length dress in an eye-catching pattern with a classic jean jacket (one adorned with pins is optional, but encouraged).

Bonus points to this art lover for matching her socks, which just peek out underneath those high-top Converse, to her dress. Give sandals a break today and go for sneakers instead, just to switch it up.

Now go forth and caffeinate:

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