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New York’s Fashion Forecast for Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Welcome to Fashion Forecast, where you can find out what New York City’s weather will be like today — and most importantly, how to dress for it.

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Good morning! Today is Tuesday, July 12th, 2016, and right now in Midtown Manhattan, it’s a very pleasant 75 degrees, according to Thankfully, humidity won’t be much of a factor as the temps reach into the low 80s by mid-afternoon, just in time for the occasional breeze to turn into something just ever so slightly stronger — but just think of it as natural air conditioning, right?

Photo: Melodie Jeng for Racked

So what should you wear today? Let’s take a cue from this Fashion Week Australia attendee and get some ventilation in an unexpected place: the shoulders. Pick out a top with interesting cutouts — and if it’s anything like this one, an unexpected neckline — and tuck it into your favorite pair of jeans.

Keep the beauty elements simple by pulling back the hair you haven’t washed since the weekend into a low bun. And if you’re really going for simplicity, replace eye makeup with sunglasses.

Got it? Good. Let’s do this thing, and throw a little dance in if you’re really feeling it:

Amandla Sternberg GIF via Giphy
Amandla Sternberg GIF via Giphy