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Bergdorf Goodman Pays Tribute to Bill Cunningham

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Lovely tribute to Bill Cunningham on his corner.

A photo posted by Jennifer Thompson (@mismoneypenny) on

Bergdorf Goodman is paying tribute to Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times style photographer who passed away last week after a stroke.

Perched in the window closest to the southwest corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue is a bike and a black Nikon camera in front of a background painted “Bill Cunningham blue,” the department store’s fashion director Linda Fargo told the New York Times.

Most importantly, there is a decal of Cunningham snapping away on his bike, photographing the imaginary fashionable passersby.

This is the same intersection that a petition is lobbying to rename “Bill Cunningham Corner.” In five days, it’s amassed more than 5,000 signatures.

Go see the window for yourself this weekend before checking out the sale selection that’s now up to 75% off.