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The Tinder Couple That Flew in From London to Marry at New York's City Hall

Jasmine and Ryan just after their City Hall wedding in New York. Photo: Jane Kratochvil

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It's Weddings Week on Racked, so we took a trip down to New York City's Marriage Bureau to interview happy couples. We're spotlighting one stylish duo every day this week.

If you're one of the many souls searching for love on an app, Jasmine and Ryan might lend you the necessary motivation to keep swiping. After matching on Tinder last August, the two married at New York's City Hall on Friday, June 3.

"We had always been very sure of each other, right from the second or third date," Jasmine says after posing for some post-ceremony pictures with their wedding photographer. "It was always inevitable. It just happened a lot faster than we thought it would."

As a friend of the couple who came out to City Hall for the occasion noted, Jasmine had barely been using Tinder for 15 minutes before coming across Ryan's profile. (That friend, Topher, will be holding his own OkCupid nuptials later this year.)

Because Ryan is American and still has family in the States, he and Jasmine decided it would be fun to have a City Hall wedding in New York. Besides, as the bride points out, it's an iconic venue.

As for that excellent vintage-inspired dress, apologies to all New York-based brides-to-be: Jasmine bought it at Candy Anthony in London and topped it off with a "very British" white fascinator.

Jasmine in a "very British" fascinator. Photo: Jane Kratochvil