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Can You Register For Your Wedding at Lululemon?

"We don't typically do wedding registries, but..."
"We don't typically do wedding registries, but..."
Photo: Lululemon Lab

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Creating a wedding registry sounds just as fun as sampling the night's dinner and dessert menu, right? This magical list gives you the power to potentially get anything you want — so what if a couple would rather be gifted the pom-pom lace Aquazzura heels Rihanna recently wore instead of plain old flatware?

We called around New York City trying to register for our fictional wedding at a few of New York City's high-end stores, one healthy juice store, and the retailer that stocks everyone's favorite leggings. Below, the results of our experiment.

Aquazzura: "We don't do wedding registries, sorry!"

Flying Tiger: "Register your wedding here?? We don't do wedding registries, ma'am! Sorry for the inconvenience."

Warby Parker: "Register your wedding? Um, were you looking for a gift for your bridesmaids? I'm just a little confused, I'm so sorry." [I want to register for gifts.] "Um, well if you are interested in a particular frame then I am more than happy to make a note on your file. In that case, if someone comes in and wants to get a gift for you, we're happy to give them your recommendations."

Pressed Juicery: "Um, I'm not sure if we do gift registries. Give me your number and we can give you a call back when our manager gets back in."

Lululemon Lab: "We don't do wedding registries, but is there a product you're looking for specifically? We don't typically do wedding registries, but...gee, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way we can figure that out for you. I'll grab your information and talk to someone to see if that's possible."

The Row: "Hm, that's something that hasn't been brought up. Let me get your information and I'm happy to ask my manager."

3x1: "We only make jeans. I don't know what you're talking about or about wedding registries."

Conclusion: Customer service does exist in this city!  We didn't get surefire answers to our big question, but we found that most sales associates were willing to help with our insane request.