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The Versace Sample Sale Is Full of Loud Prints That Are Up to 85% Off

Photo: Timur Emek/Getty Images

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Update: As of Tuesday morning, prices have been further reduced on select merchandise; the sale host did not specify what those reductions are. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

The Versace sample sale is underway right now at Soiffer Haskin and we checked it out just after 9:30 a.m., after a short stint waiting in line. We have to warn you: The sale is loud — visually. It will hurt your eyes. But don't let that stop you from shopping the huge selection of Versace, Versace Collection, and Versus for men and women that's now up to 85% off. Photos were not allowed, but we'll do our best to paint a vivid picture of what we found.

The majority of the sizes are 0s and 2s, but we noticed one rack apiece for clothing sized 6, 8, and 10. Have the calculator app handy, because you're going to have to do a little work to figure out these deals. Versace is 85% off the price tag hanging from the garment, while Versace Collection and Versus are each 75% off retail.

A few memorable finds include a gold Versus jacket for $394 (originally $1,575), silk blouses in different prints and colorways for $184 (originally $1,225), Versus shorts with gold safety pin detailing on each leg for just $94 (originally $375), and a Versace neoprene printed dress with a keyhole in the front for $400 (originally $1,995).

The shoe selection will literally take you to new heights. There are so many patent leather platform sandals and boots to choose from, all priced 75% off of retail. That includes clogs with a Medusa head on the heel for $319 (originally $1,275), the cage patent leather booties in the photo above for $632 (originally $2,525), and black patent leather platforms with gold trim for $324 (originally $1,295).

As for accessories, handbags and scarves are 75% off their retail sticker and jewelry is 80% off. We noticed scarves for $85 (originally $340) and chain link necklaces with a Medusa head pendent for $195 (originally $975).

On the men's side of the sale, you'll find a great selection of sneakers and hard-bottom shoes, suits, printed collared shirts, and even velour loungewear sets for up to 85% off. Belts and sunglasses are $95 each, while socks and ties are both $50. There are also printed umbrellas for $42.50 (originally $425).

The sale runs through Thursday; be sure to check out the Dealfeed below for more details.