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Where Racked Editors Shopped This Week, From Old Navy to the Selena Gomez Tour Merch Tent

Welcome back to Shopping Journal, a weekly feature where Racked editors share what they're buying and where.

Urban Outfitters Herald Square Photo: Driely S. for Racked

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Last weekend, my friend Maura and I indulged our inner tweens by purchasing last-minute tickets to see Selena Gomez’s Revival tour at Barclays Center. The show was on Wednesday night — and while both the costumes and set list (a mix of her older Disney-era tunes and new Revival tracks) were impressive, I was even more wowed by the sheer variety of tour merch on offer.

There were tons of different tees and tank tops, of course, but also an extremely tempting Dia de los Muertos-themed bomber jacket, a velvet choker inscribed with my favorite lyrics from “Hands to Myself,” and — perhaps best of all — a pack of temporary tattoos that match Selena’s actual ones! Unfortunately, I got overwhelmed by options and wound up leaving empty-handed. I’m still considering ordering those tattoos online, though… Elana Fishman, entertainment editor

My favorite pair of jeans is ripping in the crotch, so last Saturday I set out on what I consider a Level 10 shopping mission: PantsQuest. Off I went to 10 Foot Single in Williamsburg, which has never let me down on the secondhand denim front.

I was expecting to come home with some Levi’s 550s, maybe in a gross muddy green color so I wouldn’t look like every other 20-something Brooklyn woman strolling around in vintage mom jeans, but instead what I discovered were a fantastic pair of white Big Ben painter’s pants. They’re made of a thick, durable canvas material, which should be hell on earth in the summer but is not because I bought them five sizes too big so that they float pleasantly around my knees. And since the fabric is so dense, nobody can see your underwear through them, nor do they run the risk of showing butt sweat. I know. I’m still reeling.Eliza Brooke, senior reporter

I moved to Jersey City a year ago, but up until this past weekend I hadn’t actually shopped anywhere in my neighborhood. There’s this cute jewelry store called Love, Liesel that just opened on Grove Street that sells a lot of delicate Catbird-style rings and bracelets, plus some apothecary items. I picked up this opal Egyptian eye ring, along with a thin gold band for my pinky, for under $100 total.

There’s another store, Mint Market, that, to be honest, isn’t all that exciting, but in the back of the shop they have a really awesome selection of vintage jeans and denim cut-offs from Levi’s, Lee, and Calvin Klein. They were all around $40, and the pair I picked up (old school Banana Republic) fit perfectly. There’s an incredible Tommy Hilfiger denim pencil skirt that I would have also grabbed, if only it were a size or two larger.Tiffany Yannetta, managing editor

I've mentioned before that I don't shop a ton, but I didn't mention that it's because I'm incapable of going to stores without buying anything. They just need my money, and I need more stuff, you know? So this week, my goal was to learn to browse without buying.

I wandered down to Herald Square, an area that should make not-buying-just-browsing ultra easy by virtue of being generally terrible. At Urban Outfitters (seen above), a store I've considered myself too old for since mid-college, I still managed to find a map-faced watch and a heap of lotions I wanted to buy, but left before the temptation became too great. And I only managed one lap around H&M, carrying the first dress I spotted upon entering, before the loudness of the music and the forceful determination of the other shoppers drove me out empty-handed.

I ended up at Old Navy, which I'd heard is low-key good now, and walked out with a romper, a dress, and a pair of pants, all for $80. The next day, I saw a woman wearing the same dress on the subway and, before remembering everything else about who I am and where I live, waved to her like a goon. She waved back. Anyway, I'll learn to browse next week.Meredith Haggerty, senior editor

I recently started hand-washing most of my bras and underwear, partly because of Jolie Kerr, partly because it makes me feel like I'm doing #adulting right, but mostly because I realized that the machines in my apartment building's basement tear the shit out of my lacy thongs from Victoria's Secret and Aerie. I just invested in my first pairs from Hanky Panky and I'm determined that they won't have the same fate.

Plain old Tide (or whatever is available on Amazon Prime Now when I'm ordering) is fine for the rest of my clothes, but I had been using detergent from The Laundress that I picked up at the Soho store's opening last fall for this task -- using something fancy always makes an arduous task slightly more bearable, right? I ran out a few weeks ago and haven't made my way down to Prince Street to restock yet, but this week I noticed that the Ricky's NYC store by my office had a small selection of The Laundress products in the window.

I grabbed a 16 oz. bottle of the Delicate Wash in the "Lady" scent (not my favorite name, but it's the only one they had and it smells nice) from the display right inside the front door, and also picked up a bottle of Sun Bum moisturizing sunscreen while I was at it — because applying sunscreen, like doing laundry, is an arduous task made slightly more bearable when it's done with something fancy. Laura Gurfein, Racked NY editor