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Beware, The Rag & Bone Sale Is Full of Sample Sizes

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The Rag & Bone sale is back and this time it's in Brooklyn's Industry City alongside Steven Alan. We made the trek down right at noon as the sale started and when we walked in, it was already buzzing with shoppers on the Rag & Bone side.

Womenwear is along the left side of the room. You'll find everything from winter outerwear — like the sweet champagne-colored puffer in the gallery above — ($250) to summer-ready slip dresses ($125) and satin work blouses ($75). This is also the place to be if you're itching to vamp up your fall and winter looks but only if you're a sample size. We didnt' spot anything larger than a size 4 for ladies, but we did overhear a sales associate who was able to find a larger size for a customer, so you may get lucky.

The far wall houses all the menswear with a wide selection of pants ($75), tees ($40), and button-downs ($75). There didn't seem to be a huge selection of denim ($75) for the guys and, just like the womenswear, you'd be hardpressed to find anything larger than a 34 or a medium. You'll also spot a table near the fitting rooms with a bunch of wool hats ($50) and some messenger bags (starting at $95).

If you're looking for men's shoes, you'll be disappointed as there wasn't much to choose from. There were a few pairs of Kent lace up sneakers ($95) and just one pair of Rowan boots ($175). For the ladies, however, there are a ton of sandals ($95), sneakers ($95), and boots($175). We spotted three pairs of the fan favorite Newbury boot and a few sizes in the Harrow boot. For the most part, the shoes were either size 8 or a 9.

Accessories for men and women were stacked on tables near the shoe section with piles of leather bags ($195), small wallets and card cases ($75), and scarves in a host of colors($50).

Over on the Steven Alan side, where it was way less chaotic, you'll be able to score tops for just $35, dresses for $55, and pants for $35. There were less styles than what we saw at their sample sale last week, but if you missed out and are stopping by, it's worth it to drop in to see what's left. The shoe selection was dwindled down to mostly loafers, although we did spot a pair of Rachel Comey wedges ($90). For men, there were hardly any shoes left, but there were plenty of pants and tops (all $35). Any third party brands were 80% off the original prices.

The sale ends on this Sunday at 6 p.m. Prepare for a short hike from the train and possibly lines from a weekend rush. There is a fitting room and all sales are final, so make sure you check for missing buttons and stains (which we did see on a few pieces). Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.