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Bushwick’s New Pizza-Vintage-Coffee-Shop-Bookstore Combo

Bookkeepers storefront, with racks of vintage clothes and graffiti Photo: Cory Baldwin

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In New York, sometimes it feels like the hybrid business venture knows no bounds. A barbershop-coffee shop? We’ve got that — a couple actually. A Pizza Hut and Taco Bell mashup? We’ve got that too. (There’s even a song about it, if your memory stretches back that far.)

But this week was the first time I’ve ever come across the combination of coffee-shop-bookstore-vintage-shop-pizza-place — and a pretty good one, at that.

Called Bookkeepers, the tiny outpost officially opened up shop on Wednesday in a cozy space conjoining with Bushwick’s Norbert’s Pizza, whose owners are involved. (Tip: get the grandma slice.)

I stumbled across the store on my way home from work, surprised to see vintage in a space that’s just been a closed roll-down with a Liberty Income Tax sign as long as I’ve lived in the neighborhood.

The solid $5 sidewalk rack — graphic tees, mod dresses, and jumpers — is a preview of what you’ll find inside: a small selection of more dresses, overalls, ‘80s prints, leather skirts, and vintage jeans, all priced around $15 or less (I snagged a cute purse for $10).

Owner Stonie Clark says the prices are so stellar because much of her stock is a holdover from her last vintage shop Bad Seeds, which she operated as a pop-up inside DIY venue Silent Barn.

The vibe in general is very Grandma’s kitchen, with two tables and a counter top for those who want to sit down with their pizza or coffee, or maybe flip through one of the secondhand paperbacks for sale amongst the vintage.

Steps from the Myrtle Broadway JMZ stop, I’d commit to it as my new morning coffee shop if I wasn’t so afraid I’d buy the whole store.

Bookkeepers, 4 Stuyvesant Ave, Bushwick