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The Prettiest Lightweight Summer Jewelry to Buy Today, Because It’s Pay Day

Photo: Georgie Hunter/Getty Images

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Summer’s finally here, so now's the best time to shop lightweight delicate jewelry that doesn’t weigh you down in the heat. Below are a few picks that are pretty enough to wear on their own, or as part of a much larger pairing. Check them out below.

Catbird Greca lariat necklace, $164 at 219 Bedford Ave

Blake double finger ring, $120 at Life:Curated, 186 Grand St

Verameat Tough Bone bracelet, $120 at 315 E 9th St

Tarin Thomas Janey silver choker, $78 at In Support Of, 342 W 13th St

Elma Blint hammered hoop earrings, $100 at Turnstyle 1000 Eighth Ave

Morena bangle, $145 at Life:Curated, 186 Grand St