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American Apparel’s ‘Make America Gay Again’ Merch Is in the Windows of Donald Trump’s Building

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A funny thing is happening in the windows at the American Apparel store on 61st Street and Third Avenue right now. The clothing store is displaying its Pride collection that bears the slogan "Make America Gay Again," their take on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's catchphrase "Make America Great Again."

So sure, it's normal for any brand to display its newest stuff in the windows. But the building in which they're displaying it typically isn't owned by the very person it's trolling:

A photo posted by Eugene Edo (@eugene_edo) on

The campaign launched on Monday and features personal stories and videos on American Apparel’s website in the hopes of increasing acceptance. The collection of tees and totes includes a $26 red hat meant to imitate the ones Trump has become synonymous with over the past few months.

Well played, American Apparel. That’s how you successfully do Friday.

American Apparel

1030 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10065, USA