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Dissecting the Twinning Vintage Pop-Ups in Soho

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Vintage shopping can be somewhat intimidating — without the same curation and merchandising of big box (or even boutique) retailers, sorting through the goods at a particular place can be quite the process. But what about when you have two entirely separate stores run by the same vintage dealer that supposedly carry the same things? H&M and Zara offerings are virtually the same from store to store, but the same definitely can't be said when it comes to vintage pieces.

For the past several months, The Vintage Twin has been running one pop-up or another in downtown New York, and the online thrift store founded by twin sisters Morgan and Samantha Elias recently doubled their store presence (because two is better than one, of course). Since they just moved one of the pop-ups to a new location this week, we swung by both to look for any noticeable differences in their merchandise selection. See our findings below, and get a sense of what you'll find at each by browsing the gallery above.

The Vintage Twin, 199 Street Lafayette

If you're strictly on the prowl for denim cut-offs and ironic-but-so-in-right-now mom jeans, hit this location first, which has been open a little bit longer. The denim selection (also known as the "JEANius Bar") is stocked with a heavy selection of Lees, Levi's, and Calvin Kleins. Thankfully, sales associates ("JEANiuses") will sort through the loot and help you find the perfect pair, both for style and for size.

Once you've got your jeans, add a patch ($9 apiece) to customize it. There are also two small racks of reworked denim skirts and shorts that range between $30 and $54, depending on the details.

Alongside all the denim is a selection of associate favorites will greet you upon entrance. Many of these pieces are for cooler weather — think souvenir jackets and leathers — but expect that to change soon to correlate with the rising temperature.

The Vintage Twin, 20 Spring Street

The biggest difference between here, which opened on Tuesday afternoon, and the Lafayette Street location is that this one has definitely been stocked for the season ahead — you'll be sure to find summer-friendly tees and breezy pants (read: hot temp-approved pieces) on Spring Street.

There's also a JEANius Bar at this location, but it's not as heavily stocked as the one on Lafayette Street. The front of the store contains a rack of band tees, which begin at $18 and generally top off at $75 (and just like at Lafayette Street, the more expensive band tees, like a $175 Guns And Roses shirt, hang high and border the walls). You can also grab a light jacket (beginning at $40) or a silk kimono for $132.

The TL;DR? Lafayette Street is better for denim, and Spring Street is where to go if you want to wear something out into the hot muggy weather right now. But If you've got the time, stop by both Vintage Twin stores for the full selection — you'll definitely want to walk away with something from at least one place.