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Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Shoppers Are All About the Bags

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Skip the ready-to-wear racks and grab these items instead.

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The Rebecca Minkoff sample sale opened today at 260 Fifth Avenue, and we stopped by to spy what the VIP shoppers were purchasing this morning. Ready-to-wear and shoes carried great discounts at 75% off, but as usual, shoppers mainly gravitated towards the bag assortment, browsing color-coordinated tables with arms stacked deep in several styles — see what you can find in the gallery above.

When it did come to clothes, customers were all about fringe detailing found on the tank tops and miniskirts dotting the ready-to-wear racks. The next best pick-up was the leather selection (everything's priced at $200) that includes motorcycle jackets, fur-trimmed vests, and suede skirts.

One sales associate marveled over the Midnighter Coat while organizing the merchandise, comparing it to a very similar style from Acne that would go for much, much more.

We left the sale right as the doors opened at 11 a.m., and at that point the line outside had stretched halfway down the block. Expect steeper discounts to hit as the sale continues through Saturday, May 14th — see the Dealfeed below for more information.