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Where I Went Looking for the Perfect Summer Jeans

Photo: Urban Outfitters

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Shabbily tacked on my bedroom wall is a list of Summer 2016 Goals. I’m obsessively list- and goal-oriented, so this piece of paper is a perfect marriage of all my neuroses — it’s a list about goals! On this list are things like eating more lobster rolls than last summer, going to the beach at least twice a month, and finding perfect summer jeans, a task which I set to work on last week.

I’m going to Puerto Rico in a few days, and because of the whole Zika thing, I would like to try keep my mosquito-enticing legs as covered as possible. I’ve been dreaming of a pair with a lighter wash, a relaxed fit, a high-ish rise, and maybe either a cropped flare leg or a raw-edge hem. Or both! Because #trends, y’all.

My first stop was Madewell in Williamsburg. It seemed like a great place to start because they stock a pair helpfully dubbed The Perfect Summer Jean — I have their Perfect Fall Jean, and I really love them. I liked this version enough, but the size that fit best in the legs and bum was a little big on the waist, as is my eternal struggle with all pants. They also weren’t cropped and possessed a boring straight-sewn hem, yawn. There was another pair on sale I wanted to try, but they didn’t have them in the store.

Next, I hit up the Levi’s in the same neighborhood to try their Wedgie Fit jeans, and while they did make my butt look as perky as promised, I needed a different size that I couldn't attain within my vacay timeline.

Photo: Levi's

Finally, I trekked across the river to the big Urban Outfitters in Soho, where I inevitably buy all my jeans because I guess I'm still a teen at heart? Anyway, I found a light-wash, high rise pair with a raw hem, and for only $70, I was all in — or so I thought. Turns out I still wasn't over that other Madewell pair I couldn't try on, so after agonizing in the UO store about which pair to go with for roughly 40 minutes, I just decided to buy both with the intent of returning whichever pair I end up liking least.

It took me two nights of trying on both pairs several times, walking my dog in them, and sending advice-seeking pictures to my very tolerant friends and mother (bless you all), before I finally returned the Madewell pair like a responsible human. The temptation of keeping both attempted to derail that plan, but I really do not need two pairs of on-trend summer jeans. Or do I? (Someone please come put me out of my misery.)

Side note, I also bought these terra-cotta suede slides on sale at UO, and they are super-comfy. Thank you, sandals, for being uncomplicated and not inducing shopping anxiety!