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Where ‘Modern Family’ and Broadway Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shops in NYC

Photo: Courtesy of The Tie Bar

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Let's make one thing clear: Mitchell Pritchett's style has nothing on Jesse Tyler Ferguson's. The actor who's best known for starring on ABC's Modern Family is spending time in New York City these days for his starring role (well, the only role) in the Broadway play Fully Committed, where he works the phone reservation at a swanky NYC eatery — and acts out all the eccentric diners on the other end of the line — while also working with men's accessories brand The Tie Bar, which periodically pops up here. And when Ferguson's not busy playing a total of characters in as many as nine performances a week, you can find him enjoying everything that the city has to offer, especially when it comes to shopping.

"I personally prefer shopping in person than shopping online," he told Racked at a recent backstage event for The Tie Bar — Ferguson's collaborated with them on designs that benefit Tie the Knot, his foundation that advocates LGBTQ civil rights, including Fully Committed accessories with illustrations of telephone cords. "I like the convenience of shopping online but if I'm going to be buying something expensive, I'd rather be seeing it in person." And when he's here, that includes downtown menswear stores like APC and Jack Spade and eyewear purveyor Cutler and Gross.

Another thing you miss out with online shopping? "An experience that goes beyond browsing for clothes," he said. "Saturdays New York, for example, is a great little surf shop down on Crosby [Street] that obviously sells other things other than surfboards and wetsuits — because I don't surf at all — but they also have a great little coffee shop up at the front of the store, and their little back garden area where you can enjoy the cup of coffee."

Ferguson also prefers to shop IRL for colorful (read: not boring) suits. "I think J.Crew also has nice suits for really good prices and unique colors. I always find with buying suits that there are so many safe options, and it's so refreshing to walk into a store and see that places are offering a maroon suit or dark green suit." He'll pair that with a Rag + Bone shirt, where he prefers to shop for button-downs.

In an entirely different realm of shopping, the actor also frequently hits up the Union Square Greenmarket, since he and his partner Justin Mikita share an apartment near there. "There's an amazing farmers' markets right near me, so I do find the inspiration to cook but I never seem to actually do it...I'm spoiled with my nice-sized kitchen in Los Angeles, and it's harder to pull it together in my tinier kitchen here."

Soho shopping and teensy kitchen woes — yep, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is definitely an honorary New Yorker.

Fully Committed is running at the Lyceum Theater near Times Square through July 24th.