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The Comme des Garçons Sale: Just the Weird Art

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Sure, there's a lot of clothes to gape at when browsing the Comme des Garçons sale this weekend. But once you're done telling your friends about everything you bought (and how long you waited to get it), you're probably then going to tell them about all the weird sculptures you saw.

This is the third sale event that Comme des Garçons has had in New York in the past five years, and this one had a theme: Super-Market-Market. So most of the sculptures here had something to do with that, whether it was shoes set up under an awning-covered booth or a massive stack of shopping carts or an ice cream cone that's taller than the average woman. What the giant gold babies have to do with supermarkets, though, is a mystery.

If you've ever been inside Dover Street Market before, then what you're seeing here wouldn't be totally shocking to you — they do this stuff all the time. Scroll through the gallery above to get a look at all the artwork there, or head to Skylight Clarkson Square to check it out for yourself before the doors close (earlier than planned!) on Sunday evening.