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Sunday Is the Final Day of the Comme des Garçons Sale

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The crazy Comme des Garçons Super-Market-Market Sale is wrapping up at 7pm today, Sunday May 22nd. Yesterday, the brand sent around an email letting everyone know that they wouldn't have enough merchandise to carry them through until Monday afternoon, as originally planned.

The full email reads: "Due to the resounding success of Super-Market-Market we only have enough merchandise left for one final replenishment tonight making tomorrow Sunday May 22nd our last day. We will no longer be opening on Monday May 23rd. Please join us tomorrow from 12pm to 7pm for one last day of epic shopping at up to 80% off and to hear Know Wave Radio play a live broadcast from 2pm to 6pm. We look forward to seeing you..."

There were easily over a thousand people in line before the sale opened on Friday. Currently (as of 1pm on Sunday), there are probably around 300 people queued up on Washington Street, but the line does appear to be moving. Whether or not it's worth your Sunday to wait is a decision only you can make. Food for thought, though: The sale was restocked last night, and we hear new stuff is being brought out eveyr hour.

Comme des Garcons Sample Sale