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Where Does Bloomingdale's Expect Us to Store Inflatable Pool Toys?

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Bloomingdale's is banking that your summer plans include entertaining lots and lots of friends on that rooftop pool of yours — wait, you don't have one? The department store is hosting a Sunnylife pop-up on its sixth floor with everything you need to throw the ultimate 'grammable pool party: portable turntables, candles, fruit-shaped ice trays, beach towels, disposable cameras, and inflatable toys, natch.

Now if only we knew where to store these things in our apartment. And where to find a pool big enough to hold the blow up toys, and our friends, and still not be obnoxious to the actual kids playing in the pool since we don't belong to Soho House. Ah, summers in the city.

Maybe just shop the pop-up and head to the Hamptons before inflating anything.


, Manhattan, NY 10022