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Scoping Out the Line Situation at Comme des Garçons

The line at 9:30am
The line at 9:30am
Photo: Tiffany Yannetta

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You're already prepared to shop the Comme des Garçons/Dover Street market sale and got a peek inside, but what about what's going on outside? Doors open to the public at 10am this morning, and Racked managing editor Tiffany Yannetta and social media editor Callia Hargrove are at Skylight Clarkson Square right now to see what the deal is.

Tiffany says that in her years of sample sale reporting, she's never seen a line like this. "People are undeterred...this is batshit."

As of 9:50am, the line stretches to West Houston Street and goes down the tunnel, practically reaching the highway. If you're getting in line now, expect to wait up to two hours. "There could very possibly be a thousand people here."

As of 9:59am, doors still aren't open...but they opened right on time at 10am! People are shuffling in now. "It's a big venue, so they can accommodate a lot of people at once."

As of 10:32am, the line stretches to the West Side highway, basically. See it in its entirety below: