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How to Shop the Comme des Garçons Sample Sale

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We don't yet know if this weekend's Comme des Garçons/Dover Street Market sample sale will be anything like the amazing ones in 2011 or 2013, but you should prepare like you're going to be competing in the Shopping Olympics regardless. Based on what we've seen previously, we've got a few tips that should improve your shopping experience:

Wake up, line up.

If you're a hardcore fan, get in line an hour or more before the doors open at 10am on Friday. Another option: Hire a line sitter.

Or wait it out.

The wait to get in will undoubtedly be crazy-long for opening day. So if you're not a collector or don't have hours to spare standing around, don't even bother going on Friday. (See below for more on this.)

Dress the part.

Okay, let's unpack this one. First, wear something that will allow you to try on clothes easily, whether that's leggings you can leave on or a loose dress and sandals that are easy to slip in and out of. Dress for the ease of shopping, not as though you're attending Fashion Week.

Second, whatever you wear should have a pocket to hold a small wallet or card holder. You'll likely have to check bags and coats, and you'll want both hands free for browsing.

And lastly, the "fitting room" in 2011 was unisex, communal, crowded, and completely exposed to everyone at the rest of the sale. Even if there is more privacy this time, wherever you're changing is likely to be crammed with shoppers — so at the very least, wear underwear.

Clothes before brogues.

In 2011, accessories, including shoes, were the best deals discount-wise. But they weren't as coveted, or at least weren't going as quickly, as the clothing. So hit the racks first, and shop the extras last.

Play the field — the entire field.

Women should check out the menswear, and vice versa. This is Comme des Garçons, after all, so you never know where you'll end up finding the perfect Sprouse, McQueen, or Judy Jetson-influenced piece.

Shop, spend, repeat.

Plan on making multiple visits during the sale's four-day run. Last time, merchandise was periodically restocked, and we've been similarly promised this time that "merchandise will be replenished throughout the day of every day." In other words, it sounds like every day (and every hour, and every minute) will have something new to offer.