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Upstate Stock Offers Made in America Menswear at Affordable Prices

Courtesy of Upstate Stock

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Plenty of menswear-dominated shops are popping up around New York that offer "Made in the USA" apparel (The Hill-Side and Northern Grade are two recent examples), but Upstate Stock offers it at a price that's a little more affordable. The brand's first flagship recently opened in Williamsburg with a full selection of men's apothecary items, candles, accessories like wool beanies and fingerless gloves, and — most importantly — a fully functioning coffee bar.

"I've always been a coffee guy. We carry the Cut Coffee, which is from Toronto," founder Bram Robinson told Racked during a recent visit. "It was an opportunity to sell something that no one else sells."

The space was completely abandoned before Upstate Stock moved in, and Robinson stuck with that raw vibe by keeping the original flooring and adding barn wood furniture. It all plays into the brand's Brooklyn roots — even one of its three factories is located within the borough. "We could have gone to the Lower East Side, but we have nothing to do with it. We don't live there, and we don't make anything there."

Besides for Upstate Stock's line of beanies, gloves, flannel shirts, and collaboration, there are lots of other cool American-made brands to check out, like Bram's brother's clothing label Klaxon Howl and the hypoallergenic skincare line SallyeAnder (its great baby products are also available here). You can also shop apparel from Freenote Cloth and American Trench, plus plenty of giftable items — we had our eye on this awesome gentlemen's glassware set by Manready.

You can find Upstate Stock at retailers like Steven Alan and Nordstrom, and the Brooklyn shop is its one and only store for now — but considering Bram's enthusiasm for his first flagship, it definitely wouldn't surprise us if a second Upstate Stock opened sometime in the very near future.

Upstate Stock

2 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249