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Show Off NYC Pride at the Urban Outfitters Souvenir Shop

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Today Urban Outfitters introduced the UO Souvenir Shop selling — well, take a guess. But this isn't your average I Heart New York T-shirt fare. Instead, the trendy retailer has stocked its shop-in-shop with a collection of keepsakes inspired by the three things New Yorkers can't get enough of: takeout, pins, and vintage-looking tees.

We popped into the Herald Square location to see the exclusive collection for ourselves and found sweatshirts, hats, mugs, jewelry, lighters, and totes, plus backpacks, all very wallet-friendly at less than $60 apiece. Perhaps our favorite item? The $8 socks with a rat inside a hot dog bun, natch.


The range will do a good job of appealing to both native New Yorkers and tourists who have wandered a bit too far from Macy's — trust that it's worth braving all that people traffic to score a nylon tote that looks like a Chinese food takeout bag.

You can see the full collection online here.

Urban Outfitters

1333 Broadway, New York, NY 10018, USA