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These Stores Are Your Best Bet for Finding Prince Concert T-Shirts Right Now

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

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All around New York City, tributes are popping up to honor legendary musician and style icon Prince, who passed away yesterday morning. But one of the best tributes you can pay is by scoring a concert T-shirt from one of the late signer's many tours — and unsurprisingly, they're going quickly.

Out of the bunches of vintage shops (okay, and Urban Outfitters) that we called looking for the tees, here are the two that have them in stock right now:

Stella Dallas

286 N 6th St, Williamsburg; (718) 486-9482

Hamlet's Vintage

146 W 4th St, Greenwich Village; (212) 228-1561

Metropolis and Star Struck Vintage said that while they usually do have a few in stock there's none at the moment, but to check back often. And what the above stores do have in stock right now is likely to sell out fast, too, so make your way to either ASAP if you want to wear one to all those Prince events happening this weekend.