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Maybe Wait to Shop the Soulcycle Warehouse Sale


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Thinking about checking out the Soulcycle warehouse sale today? To exactly nobody's surprise, you won't be alone. We popped by a couple hours after the doors opened to avoid that crazy line and found the venue as frenetic as expected.



Our advice? Wait on it. Trying to rummage through the bins of leggings was challenging, and browsing the racks of tees, tank tops, and sports bras lining the wall was even more difficult. Plus, Soulcycle sent out an email blast advertising the sale earlier today and specified that "new merchandise arrives daily," and we'd be willing to bet that it's a full range of sizes for styles that aren't just cast-offs.

Note that prices are a generally higher than last time: Capri leggings are now $54 (from $48), bras are an extra ten bucks at $34, and jackets got bumped way up to $68 (from $38). Tank tops and short-sleeved shirts remain the same at $28, and sweatpants and sweatshirts were knocked down two bucks to $36.

Check out the Dealfeed below to figure out when you'll be stopping by, and ruminate on whether branded workout gear is right for you in the meantime.

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