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Cohen's Fashion Optical Has a New Look

Cohen's Fashion Optical's concept shop
Cohen's Fashion Optical's concept shop
Bowery Boogie

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There is a new trendy eyewear shop on the Lower East Side. Well...kind of. In what feels like a move to draw some cool-kid patrons away from local competitors, Cohen's Fashion Optical is making some changes, Bowery Boogie noted.

Currently, its flagship at 117 Orchard Street that sits catty-corner to historic Manhattan eyewear shop Moscot is undergoing renovations, stripping away old signage to reveal a newer version, upgraded with white-lit backing. The store will now be thought of as a concept store and referred to as "The Collective."

Another notable change? The eyewear shop will offer a $99 collection, and that price includes lenses, an eye exam, and frames, the latter of which are highlighted with decals on the shop's windows. That price point is awfully close to another trendy eyewear shop that has locations throughout Manhattan and an upcoming one in Brooklyn, but not on the Lower East Side.

See the new concept store clearly for yourself — sorry, we couldn't help ourselves — at its launch party tomorrow.

Cohen's Fashion Optical

117 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, USA