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Frame Will Open a New York Store This Summer

Quick takes on the retail news making headlines in New York City.

Frame denim spotted in London, England
Frame denim spotted in London, England
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

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NEW YORK CITY—Frame will open a Manhattan store this summer, WWD is reporting. Its first store will open on Melrose Place in Los Angeles this month, as going brick-and-mortar is the latest initiative the denim brand is trying out to become more shoppable. A location for the NYC store was not disclosed.

EAST VILLAGE—The final nail in the coffin has come for the fancy John Barrett salon that sold Rolexes, Birkins, and expensive coffee table books at 54 Bond Street — it's officially on the market, EV Grieve noted. Previously, this address was home to Rogan.

MIDTOWN—Surprise, surprise: Spa Castle Manhattan is in hot water again, literally. Brooklyn rapper Misfit Dior is alleging that it "failed to make sure the temperature and chemicals at its East 57th Street location were at safe levels," according to Gothamist, leading to first and second degree burns on both her and a friend.