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That Chloë Sevigny Wardrobe Sale Is Happening Today, FYI

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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Over the weekend, New York cool girl Chloë Sevigny took advantage of Sunday's warm weather to kick off a tag sale with two friends: stylist Haley Wollens and Gang Gang Dance frontwoman Lizzi Bougatsos.

We knew that something was in the works thanks to Wollen's cryptic Instagram that she later deleted, but we didn't know when or where. Thankfully, EV Grieve brought it to our attention that the sale started yesterday on the Lower East Side (not in Connecticut, woo!) and will continue today as well.

A photo posted by @haleywollens on

The doors will open at 12pm with an assortment of what appear to be fancy furs, white shoes, custom Raf dresses (from the $5 bin, natch) and even a corset that Miley Cyrus wore in Las Vegas. Based on the photos populating the sale's hashtag, #ChloeLizzyHaley, it appears that Chloë is working the register.

#ChloeLizzyHaley's discards could become your wardrobe's most treasured items, so stop by the sale before the doors close at 7pm.

#ChloeLizzieHaley Tag Sale

89 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009, USA