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Kiki de Montparnasse Is Closed, Allegedly ‘Does Not Pay Its Bills’

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Brian Harkin

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Manhattan is down one fancy lingerie store: It appears that Kiki de Montparnasse has closed just three months after moving to its new home on Franklin StreetTribeca Citizen discovered curtains and burlap sacks covering the storefront after noticing its Facebook page was unavailable.

The brand's website still proudly touts its new "Kiki Atelier," but calling the store gets you a message that it's an "unworking number," and emails to press representatives this morning were immediately bounced back.

A search on Facebook for the brand pulls up this recent comment:

"Kiki does not pay its bills. I did the cameras and security system for them and for the past year they haven't paid the invoices. Now they moved and they are not paying. I am starting legal action against them but wanted the customers to know that they are not reputable."

Kiki held a huge moving sale at its old 79 Greene Street store at the end of 2015, and that was quickly followed by a sample sale at an off-site location. We'll be sure to update you if we learn more about this closing.

Kiki de Montparnasse

102 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013, USA