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Pamela Love's Favorite Places to Shop in New York City

Elisabet Davidsdottir/Courtesy of Pamela Love

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A designer's inspiration can come from literally anywhere, but Pamela Love hardly expected it to come from herself. ""It was interesting to go back and see these pieces I hadn't thought about in many years and realize, 'Oh, this is relevant now," or 'I can't believe I forgot about this,'" the jeweler told Racked over the phone recently. "A lot of them made it back into my collection, and I'm reworking them for next season."

Love has been doing some deep self-reflection as of late to publish Pamela Love: Muses and Manifestations with Rizzoli. The hardcover is filled with photos, mood boards, illustrations — some of which are by her husband, Matthew Nelson Love — and a plethora of her designs over the past nine years of her eponymous line's existence.


"Rizzoli reached out to me about the project, and I was super blown away and flattered," she said. "I wanted to do a book at some point, but it wasn't something I had been planning to do was something that I thought would happen in 50 years!"

But given this book's thickness — enough pages to hold images of Southwestern deserts overlaid with feathers and jewelry, some of which is modeled by Behati Prinsloo and Lindsey Wixson — a 50-year retrospective would probably be too heavy to even pick up, considering that her designs have already evolved so much in less than a decade.

"I've turned in a very different direction — we all grow up and change and mature," Love said. "As I'm moving onto the next chapter of the brand, I love having this time capsule that represents this very free-spirited, crazy time in my career in which I kind of did whatever the heck I wanted and really didn't care if I sold or not! I love to that other people are able to look at it and feel that energy as well."

Check out Muses and Manifestations for yourself tonight at the Rizzoli store in Nomad. Love will be signing copies between 6pm and 8pm — and when you're not getting some face-to-face time with the indie designer, indulge in complimentary cocktails and tarot card and palm readings.

And if paging through her book inspires you to get even more Love in your life, then shop like the native New Yorker does with this list of her favorite places for fashion and beauty:

Narnia Vintage, 672 Driggs Ave, Williamsburg: "It's the best vintage store I've ever been to, and I can't go in there without leaving with a bunch of stuff. I think that Molly [Spaulding, the owner,] has the best taste and eye for vintage I've ever seen."

Bird, 203 Grand St, Williamsburg: "I go there all the time — they have an amazing aesthetic."

Maryam Nassir Zadeh, 123 Norfolk St, Lower East Side: "The environment that's she's created is so beautiful I can't get enough of her shoes. Or her clothes...that's a dangerous one for me."

Barneys, 101 Seventh Ave Chelsea: "It's a mecca! It's amazing that it's there, and obviously Barneys is a big part of our family."

Oroboro, 326 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg: "It's another one of my favorite stores for harder-to-find ready-to-wear, pottery, and interiors. It has really beautiful, rare things."

Joanna Vargas, 501 Fifth Ave, Midtown: "I love Joanna Vargas for facials. She also has the best beauty products."

JustBe, 28 W 27th St, Nomad:  "I also go to this place for facials, and she has amazing Ayurvedic organic products as well."

Bluemercury, various locations: "They have the biggest assortment of products. I'm a huge junkie for Skinceuticals."

Glossier, 123 Lafayette St, Soho: "I have been really into the Glossier products recently! The foundation is amazing, and I'm very happy to have found it."

White Rose Collective, 170 E 2nd St, East Village: "This is my friend Teddi's salon, and she's amazing."