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What to Buy at the Veda Sample Sale That's Not a Leather Jacket

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It's been eight years since Lyndsey Butler launched Veda with the intention of creating the best leather jacket out there, and she's done a pretty good job of making that happen. But over the past few seasons, the New York-based designer has started to add more and more apparel to her collections, and now that's culminated into plenty of good finds at the brand's sample sale taking place in Soho right now.

If you're in the market for a leather jacket, don't worry — they're still there (but going quickly, if last night's crowd was any indication) and generally priced between $225 and $425, but you'd be remiss to pass over the tops, dresses, sweaters, pea coats, and more that share the racks with them, pleasingly organized by color. We picked out some of our favorites; browse them in the gallery above.

As we've seen at past sales, there are more smaller sizes than there are larger ones, and some pieces have a tight fit (especially the well-priced samples), so be sure to try on everything in front of the mirrors before purchasing. And don't forget to look over the tables for Negative Underwear's lingerie and Bing Bang's jewelry, just before the register.

Hit up the ATM before you stop by: Though credit cards are accepted here, you can take $25 off every item that's $125 or more if you're paying in cash. Check out the Dealfeed below to see when you can stop by.