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Is Chloë Sevigny Selling Off Her Massive Vintage Wardrobe?

Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

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An unprecedented vintage treasure trove might be opening up very, very soon. Celebrity stylist Haley Wollens strongly hinted on social media that actress, fashion designer, and all-around cool New York girl Chloë Sevigny is selling off her personal fashion collection, Dazed noticed.

A photo posted by @haleywollens on

Wollens, who's worked with the likes of Drake and MIA, posted a photo to Instagram of the actress standing between two racks of clothing with the caption "SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY, KIDS. Something very major is happening soon in NYC." That caption has since been deleted, but the photo is still geotagged in Sevigny's hometown of Darien, Connecticut.

Sevigny has previously indicated that she holds onto basically everything she owns: "I have an extensive archive in Connecticut and have held on to most of my wardrobe from high school on," she once told Jimmy Choo's blog. "I sometimes unearth things like a pair of jeans, or a sweater, T-shirt or boots and cycle them back into my everyday wardrobe. Or find an old designer piece I wore to an event and then wear it to a wedding or a party."

Couple this with the fact that she's an excellent thrifter — "I have a path through certain neighborhoods in New York...I'm mostly always on the vintage hunt" she said in the same interview — and we've got the makings of a BFD on our hands.

Updates to come as we learn more — this is one sale we surely don't want to miss.