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Roberta Roller Rabbit Sample Sale Prices Are an Extra 30% Off for the Weekend (Update)

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Update: As of Friday morning, everything has been reduced an additional 30% off its sale price. Original sale prices are reflected in the report below and the gallery captions above.

We think it's safe to say the worst of winter is behind us (knock on wood), and with warmer weather comes the need to swap your wools and knits for light cottons at the Roberta Roller Rabbit sample sale, happening now at 260 Fifth Avenue. We arrived at 10am for the friends and family preview, and basically everyone already had armfuls of pieces ready to take home.

After you check in your bag and jacket, the first thing you'll see is baby pajamas ($19). There were a ton of prints in sizes starting at 12 months. In this same section, you'll also find adult sleepwear in various prints (starting at $49), including a few matching sets for both mom and baby and dad and baby — and they're too cute! Kids' kurtas and women's robes are also here, once again in too many prints to count. Check out the gallery above to see what you'll find.

The racks in the center of the floor are full of cotton dresses arranged by size. We spotted the long Meena Kurta ($59), different prints of the scarf dress ($59), and the Pearl long dress Petunia ($59), to name a few. You'll also find some long ponchos and sweaters (starting at $79) as well as bottoms here. All women's kurtas, embroidered tops, and tunics will be found against the back wall (starting at $39). Shoes ($19), totes ($39), and decorative storage bins ($9), are all in the back corner.

Home goods can be found in the back of the sale space. Baby beddings starts at $29 for quilts, and toy piglet teddies ($19) were also available. There are plenty of pillow cases and sheets arranged by size on the shelves along the wall.

For adult bedding, you will find cotton duvets folded on the shelves arranged by bed size (starting at $79). There are plenty of quilts in twin, full, queen, and king as well (starting at $79). Other small accessories, including bibs ($9), onesies (starting at $19), placemats ($9 each), and beach towels ($59) could also be found in this section.

Finally, wool-blend scarves (starting at $39), beaded and embroidered clutches ($39), and jewelry (starting at $5) are at a table next to the register. If you need help — or get overwhelmed — there are sales associates placed throughout the floor to answer any questions.

In short, there is so much to see at this sale. No fitting rooms are available, so wear something light that you can slip pieces over to try on. There is a small amount of restock available, but we'd say the earlier you arrive, the better. The sale ends on Sunday, and you can check out the Dealfeed below for more details.