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The Garment District Sample Sale That's Made for This Weird, Transitioning Weather

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Update: The AG portion of the sale is samples only in size 27 for women and size 32 for men.

There's a sample sale going on in the Garment District right now that's filled with cashmere and tee shirts from Inhabit and so. much. denim. from AG Adriano Goldschmied. We stopped by just before the doors opened at 11am to check it all out, and considering this week's forecast, it may not be a bad idea boost your between-seasons-transitional wardrobe with some discounted pieces here.

After you check your coat, you'll find the Inhabit merchandise, including tank tops and sleeveless sweaters ($30), cashmere and cashmere blend sweaters ($80), and cashmere sweaters ($120). There appears to be a full range of sizes, and the majority of the items we saw were in muted tones — a black tissue-thin turtleneck, a cream long-sleeve cashmere sweater, a gray sleeveless tank top.

Next to the Inhabit pieces is one random rack full of Vkoo items, including cotton sweaters and tee shirts ($25) and bulky sweaters and sweatshirts ($50).

There is more variety on the AG side of the sale. We found women's tops ($15), chinos, twill pants, colored denim, waxed denim shorts and pants ($30), and denim shorts and pants, including an entire rack of overalls ($40). We were especially drawn to those overalls, as well as the selection of cropped colored denim. We also spotted a few bags on display just behind the registers.

For men, expect the same discounts on tops ($15), chinos, twill pants, colored denim, waxed denim shorts and pants ($30), and denim shorts and pants ($40). Click through the gallery above for a few more of the sale's standout items.

Check out the Dealfeed below for more information.