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A Vagina-Themed Pop-Up Shop Will Accompany 'The Vagina Monologues' Performance

Kellyann Petry for Thinx/Facebook

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Do you have a vagina (or know someone that does) and wish there was a place you could shop for all your vagina-centric needs at once? Thinx, the period underwear brand that made headlines back in the fall for its subway ads that you now see everywhere, is turning that dream into reality with a "vag-tique" at its abridged performances of The Vagina Monologues tonight and tomorrow at a Lower East Side theater.

Obviously Thinx will make up a heavy selection of the merchandise here, sitting alongside products for your pubes that include the skincare line Fur and Betty, whose tagline really says it all: "Color for the hair down there."

Other fun perks here — aside from the show itself, of course — include an open bar and "Vagenius Vulva-themed cupcakes" from Brooklyn baker Claire Phelan, who's hard at work on them right now.

To purchase tickets, proceeds from which benefit Women in Need NYC, head here.

COW Theater

21A Clinton St, New York, NY