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Surprise! Costume National's Last-Minute Sample Sale Starts Today

Costume National spring 2016
Costume National spring 2016
Victor Virgile/Getty Images

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What's better than waking up and realizing it's Friday? Finding a surprise sample sale announcement in your inbox on a Friday morning. That's exactly how we just found out about Costume National's sample sale, kicking off in just a few hours at 11am at 151 Wooster Street. We're expecting to see discounts of a flat (and not "up to") 75% off retail prices men's and women's apparel that consists of "current merchandise," which likely means the fall collection.

The last time the brand had a sale, shoes and handbags were definitely the way to go. Intricate studded bags fell between $300 and $500, while pointy-toed black flats were about $150 and knee high boots went up to $250. Apparel was still an investment, even with the steep discount — coats and blazers were upwards of $500. On the plus side, lots of what was there was one-of-a-kind.

Check out more information on when you can stop by in the Dealfeed below.