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There's Not Much Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale's Last Day

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The Diptyque madness has officially died down. Today is the last day of the fancy candle brand's sample sale, so we made our final trek downtown to C21 Edition to see what was left. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait two hours to get in!

There weren't any additional discounts on anything other than Ambre scented ovals, which were marked down an additional 20% off (making them $20). Aside from that, the prices are the same as opening day. There are no more regular standard candles left, but there are still a good amount of holiday candles in the standard and mini sizes ($20—$35), but only in Liquidambar, Oliban, and Spain.

You're in luck if you still want to get your hands on Ambre hourglass diffusers ($80) and refills ($30) — there are three shelves still stocked. Also still in full supply are the electric diffuser capsules ($20).

Near the registers, there are some shelves with body care and fragrances left. You'll find some Volutes and Eau Duelle eau de toilettes ($65) and plenty of roll-on fragrances ($25). There is still a small selection of cleansing balms ($30) as well.

The sale officially ends tonight at 6pm, and bring your ID if you're planning to pay with credit cards. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.