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The Ghurka Sample Sale Has Surprisingly Good Prices

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A bag at Ghurka's spring/summer 2016 presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men's
A bag at Ghurka's spring/summer 2016 presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men's
Albert Urso/Getty Images

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Looking for a sturdy bag for weekend trips? Consider hitting up the Ghurka sample sale, which started this morning right across the street from the old post office — it's under some heavy construction right now, so getting to this sale is a bit of an obstacle. But once you're inside, we're betting that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the pricing we found during yesterday's preview on large leather and canvas duffle bags, purses, and accessories.

Prices range from $45 to $495, with most of the bags falling between $200 and $395. You can tell how much something costs by colored tags (they're actually more akin to the paper bracelets you'd get at a bar) that correspond to price lists on the wall. Considering that we spotted original price tags going up to $1,795, what you'll be paying on several items is well past the "up to 70% off" advertised discounts.

The center of the sale space is dedicated to larger bags, like those weekend trip-ready styles and the occasional garment bag or briefcase, and broken down by color (black, and shades of brown/beige dominate) and material. Canvas models with leather trim hover around $200, while true leather styles were usually $395. At that price point, we spotted the Rover in chestnut and the Cavalier II (both originally $1,595), as well as the Express No. 2 in chestnut (originally $1,795).

Women's accessories like purses and wallets are on the right-hand side of the room, and some extra tote bags are sitting on tables along the back wall. We particularly liked the Tilbury in oyster — it's a really nice whiteish-gray color, but it might be a nightmare to clean — for $395 (from $1,595) and the Tilbury 1 in lavender suede for the same price (originally $1,795).

Other styles include a suede version of the Rover for $495 (from $1,795), the Hudson for $250 (from $995), and a dark green bucket bag for $200 (from $1,195). There are plenty of bags laid out on tables for you to pick up and inspect, and even more on shelves behind them that sales associates can help you with.

If you're looking for accessories, you can expect $200 for suede pouches, $125 for large zip-around wallets (some of which are originally $495), notebooks for $95, and coin pouches for $65. We also spotted a single pair of gloves for $95.

Men's goods are on the left-hand side, and there were a lot of leather satchels starting at $250. There were a lot of different-sized gloves to choose from for $95, and dopp kits are the same price. Gender-neutral items here include dog collars and leashes starting at $45 and lined leather cases for $45. In the back left corner are a couple of suitcase styles, too.

You'll likely need to check your cell phone along with your coat and bag before walking in, and credit card is the only method of payment accepted here. See more information about when you can stop by in the Dealfeed below.