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Kanye West Said 'The Life of Pablo' Pop-Up Sold $1 Million Worth of Clothing

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Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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In a firestorm of tweets yesterday — sparked by who knows what — Kanye West dropped this gem on his captive Twitter audience: his The Life of Pablo pop-up shop sold $1 million worth of clothing at 83 Wooster Street last weekend.

It seems feasible, considering one man was screaming in the street about dropping $3,000 on West's selection of tee shirts, hoodies, bombers, and denim jackets baring the mark of his seventh studio album. And we had an inkling that this would be a hit with diehard fans (especially, those who weren't able to get their hands on any merch at his Madison Square Garden premiere) when a line started forming five and a half hours before the doors opened.

When our reporter got to the scene on Friday, things were already in full swing. In fact, the block had been shut down and barricaded by the police to control the chaos. Because, well, according to Kanye:

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