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Become an #InstantArtist in Williamsburg This Saturday

Driely S./Racked

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With the the amount of time you spend staging your Instagrams and "curating" your feed to be on #brand, we're sure you already consider yourself an artist. Now there's a chance to see your name in lights — or, at the very least,  your Instas printed and hanging in a gallery, thanks to a new art project from The Bosco, Bobby Redd, and AGW Group.

Titled #InstantArtist, the gallery sources its pieces from Instagram by selecting to print images with the eponymous project hashtag, according to local blog Free Williamsburg.  "Our goal for this installation is to explore the effects of bringing one's Instagram art — however you interpret that phrase — off our iPhone screens and recontextualize them in an elevated setting, the walls of a gallery," Bobby Redd co-founder Tony Blahd said.

The pieces will hang in a temporary gallery at 644 Lorimer Street, which will celebrate its opening on Saturday, March 26th. You can tag photos through Thursday, March 31st for a chance to be featured during the project's unspecified run.

Go on, say it — you feel like Pablo when you're working on your [feed].

#InstantArtist Gallery

644 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA